Friday, August 21, 2009

Death Panel Says "Die Bear"

BREAKING NEWS: Socialist "Death Panel" declares Dead Bear a goner!

Dr. Chuck Cluck suspiciously eyes Dead Bear

Dr. Cindy a prostate specialist, who is known as being kind and merciful, turns merciless!

Dr. Rudolph Deere, cardiologist and well known Socialist casts his deadly vote

Dead Bear cried giant, blue, patriotic tears (which we all know turn to jelly beans) before the evil Socialist guards came to pull his stuffing out.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Die Another Day

Dead Bear was found on the afternoon of August 13th. Initial reports indicate this was an armed robbery, as the gun was found a short distance from Dead Bear's body. Forensic experts were on the scene to collect evidence for the case.
Dead Bear's body with evidence markers; Dead Bear was shot in the back right side of the head

The weapon was found an inch from Dead Bear's Body

Footprints, most likely the assailants were found near the body

Clothing fibers were also found at the scene

A forensic expert studies the body

Police have yet to name any suspects.